Joining Temple Beth David of the South Shore

Looking for a terrific Temple?

There is so much we can say about our amazing community! Temple Beth David is a participatory Reform Jewish Community serving the urban and suburban South Shore communities of Boston. We are welcoming and inclusive, open to individuals from different backgrounds and divergent points of view.

Through lifelong learning and teaching of Torah, we search for meaning, seeking comfort, healing, and celebration in our lives. TBD reaches out to neighbors in the communities where we live and beyond through community service, embracing causes of social justice and providing opportunities to accomplish deeds of loving kindness. Worship at Temple Beth David is open to all who seek spiritual and personal growth in Judaism. Our synagogue prides itself on warmth, friendship, music,  learning, and helping others. We are proud to be a home for LGBTQ members and families, as well as non-Jews who are exploring Judaism or are Jewish-adjacent (connected to Jews through family or friendship).

Browse around our website to learn more about our one-day-per-week religious school, lifelong learning and Adult Education programs, our Chai Sociaety social group and much more!

At Temple Beth David, visitors are always welcome. Feel free to drop in on a Friday evening Shabbat service or Saturday morning Torah study. If you enjoy your experience, and we are confident you will, we would be honored to have you consider membership.

Fair Share Dues

At Temple Beth David, we strive to make this a special place that nurtures each member’s relationship to Judaism and the Jewish community. And although the synagogue is a spiritual home, we can not ignore the reality of fiscal considerations: we need money to keep our doors wide open. By far the greatest financial resource for us at TBD is membership pledges.
Fair Share is the pledge structure we use at Temple Beth David. The basic premise is that each member unit contributes according to its ability to pay, not according to arbitrary dues categories (i.e., single, family, senior, etc.) that do not necessarily reflect the true financial situation of the member/family. Fair Share is an attempt to allow people to contribute what they can actually afford without the constrictions of arbitrary categories. We do not ask for proof of financial status. No financial documents are required. Rather, we ask that each member/family pledge as honestly and as accurately as possible.
Helpful guidelines are given that suggest a pledge based on income. For those who cannot afford the suggested pledge, we have an Abatement committee that reviews any requests from congregants.
We are committed to making EVERYONE feel welcome, regardless of ability to pay; no one is ever turned away because they can’t “afford” to join. We are proud of our commitment to the Fair Share system. We believe it is truly the fairest way to be financially responsible. 

We invite you to inquire about joining our Temple family via the contact form below.

Get Involved! Committees at Temple Beth David

Adult Education

Get involved in helping to plan classes, programs, guest speakers and trips to help adults of all backgrounds grow and learn together.

Building and Grounds

Join this committee to participate in the mitzvah of caring for our beautiful building and garden, including helping  with event  set-up and supporting improvements to our security and technology systems. 

Chai Society

All new members of TBD receive a complimentary one-year membership to our Chai Society (formerly the Sisterhood and Brotherhood). Chai provides help with the mitzvah of raising the sukkah at the beginning of the year, to the end of the year religious school party, with many other activities during the year. They also provide much needed funds for the temple by hosting the Hanukkah supper, one of our most popular events!

Chessed (Kindness)

Lend a helping hand to provide services, support and comfort to congregants in need. A visit to someone who is ill, a friendly phone call or a meal ican make a world of difference for a member in need.


Share your communications, graphic and writing skills to help promote TBD and our many events by helping to create ads, post on our social media channels and support the updating of our website.

School Committee

If you have a passion for education or have children in our religious school, then the school committee might be a perfect fit. Help to plan programs, activities and curriculum, while supporting the work of our teaching staff.

Membership Committee

Our best tools for helping to grow our membership are our current members. Join this committee to help reach out to potential members and develop programming to retain our existing members.


Temple Beth David is known for our commitment to the joy of music. The music committee coordinates with our Cantorial soloist and choir to help prepare for the High Holidays and other services during the year that feature the choir. 

Religious Affairs

The nature of worship at Temple Beth David, planning the High Holy Day services, setting policies regarding b’nai mitzvah celebrations, leading services, and helping with festival programming throughout the year are all under the purview of the Religious Affairs Committee. This is one of the most important and active committees at TBD, and more hands are always welcome.

Tikun Olam (Repair of the World)

Join with others on one of our most important missions – the repair of the world. The Tikun Olam committee plans an annual Mitzvah day including the entire community in a variety of volunteer projects, in addition to coordinating ongoing support for local food banks and more.  

Youth Group

Our Youth Group committee serves our teen community and offers connections to the wonderful programs of the URJ. Help plan events and trips for this special population.
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