Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Jewish Education

At Temple Beth David, everyone has room to grow as a learner. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest class member to the those with years of experience.

Programs for Young Children

Programs for K-8 Children

Temple Beth David is a vibrant Jewish community proud of its engaging, integrated Religious and Hebrew School curriculum for our students.

Sunday morning classes are monthly for Pre-K and weekly for Grades K through 7. For two weeks each January, TBD offers our students D’Var Acher Intersession Weeks, where our students can explore creative and unique courses offered by our temple members.

During classes, we encourage families to shmooze with us over coffee. 

Gan Yeladim – Children’s Garden Pre-K

Children ages 3 & 4 and their parents/guardians are welcome to participate in TBD’s Gan Yeladim. This once a month Sunday morning Pre-K program is a lively and interactive session with a focus on incorporating Jewish learning at home and at school using play, stories, songs and more to explore Holidays and Jewish traditions.

You do not need to be a member of Temple Beth David to participate in the Pre-K program. All interested families are welcome. Tuition is $36 for the year. 

Adult Education

Temple Beth David is a community of learners and prides itself on the breadth and quality of the offerings of its Adult Education programs. With guest speakers, panel discussions and more, the entire community has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Once a month, we have Tikkun Shabbat (“Study Shabbat”), beginning at 10 am, where an even more in-depth discussion of the weekly parasha occurs in the middle of a short and contemplative morning service.

Finally, during our monthly Shabbat B’yachad (Shabbat Together), a Torah study, whether traditional or creative, is always one of the Shabbat options for participants.

The study of Torah is a mitzvah. We hope you’ll join us for one or all of these opportunities!

At TBD we study Torah in a variety of ways. Twice a month on Shabbat mornings we have Talmud Torah which is traditional-style Torah study, held in the library at 9:30 am. During this hour of study, we read through the weekly parasha (portion) and discuss the interesting features together.


Our library contains materials for people of all ages. From children’s books to Torah commentaries, to Jewish history, you will find something interesting! Our newly refurbished library is used for small gatherings including Shabbat morning services. Meetings, and classes. Come, grab a book, sit/study/enjoy!

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