High Holidays at TBD

High Holidays at
Temple Beth David of the South Shore

As we look forward to a time of reflection and renewal and preparation for the High Holidays, we continue to focus on the health and well-being of our community. Our tradition’s concept of Pikuach nefesh, the idea that saving a human life is more important than any mitzvot, is our priority at Temple Beth David. We will be offering all services both in-person and on  Zoom for this year’s High Holidays.

Note that pre-registration for Zoom services is required. In-person registration is required for guests but not for members. Masks are required for in-person services, as is  proof of vaccination. Links and details are provided on this page.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to Rabbi David Winship, Cantor Maayan Harel, our Reopening Committee, Ritual Affairs committee, and all on our leadership team for thoughtfully and carefully crafting a High Holiday experience we hope will have deep meaning for all.

High Holiday & Festival Service Schedule 5783/2022

Download the schedule here or see below.

Information for TBD Members
In order to attend services in-person, all outstanding pledges for the prior year must be paid in full, along with 25% of the pledge commitment for the 2022-23 fiscal year. If the timeliness of payments is an issue and/or you need to request a confidential adjustment of your pledge, please contact Temple Treasurer Joe Donahue.

Guest Passes
Passes covering all services for relatives and children over the age of 21 who are not in college or graduate school are $125. The price is $200 for neighbors and friends, and $100 for guests to attend via Zoom only. Please note that any expenditure for passes for guests will be applied toward a first-year membership pledge, should the guest join Temple Beth David.

To register for Zoom services, please click here:  

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